Franchise Opportunities

If you’re considering opening a BII franchise language center, let us assist you in the planning. We can support you every step of the way! From student registration, aptitude testing, course books, curriculum, teachers sourcing and training. We also can assist you with a modern online administrative system to keep your business organized and professional.

We provide a complete business solution including: branding, marketing, stationery, forms etc. Our experts can not only point you in the right direction, but also help you as long as you need. Let’s get started.

Call our Business Development Manager today and take the first step to becoming part of the BII family.

Exponential Growth

The market for ‘English Language Learning & Teaching’ has exponential growth opportunities in the world we live in.

It has become almost a necessity for various reasons:


  • Asset 14 Preference for English medium / international schools.​
  • Asset 14 Majority learning resources presented in the English language.​
  • Asset 14 Major studies & research taking place in English.


  • Asset 14 A skill sought after by most employers.
  • Asset 14 Increases chances of a promotion.
  • Asset 14 Greater potential for higher pay.
  • Asset 14 Greater opportunities for jobs in multinational companies.
  • Asset 14 Provides access to overseas job transfers.


  • Asset 14 One of the most spoken language in the world.
  • Asset 14 The official language for international business & trade.
  • Asset 14 Presence of the internet & social media allows you to meet the world through Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, LinkedIn.


  • Asset 14 Know a common language for international travels.
  • Asset 14 Lead a global lifestyle.
  • Asset 14 General awareness and access to major movies, tv series, books, etc.
Asset 38

Benefits of BII Franchise

  • Asset 11 18 years of national and international language training.
  • Asset 11 Use of the international recognized British International Institutes branding.
  • Asset 11 Continuous support from experienced BII staff and management.
  • Asset 11 Attract more learners & improve learning/teaching.
  • Asset 11 Training on all elements of running a language center.
  • Asset 11 A verified link on the BII parent website to attract more customers.
  • Asset 11 Support with marketing strategies and materials.
  • Asset 11 British Council authorized provider.
Asset 38

Approval Criteria

Suitable Premises (meets health & safety standards)

Essential Requirements Classroom, teaching / waiting room and toilet.

Suitable Teaching & Learning facilities

Whiteboard / Samar board / Flip-chart, Projector, CD Player, Internet Access and Stationary.

Suitable area/location

A prime location that allows easy access to recruit potential learners .

Sufficient Financial Investment Funds

To cover franchise fees, initial investment & running costs.

Access to Administration & Teaching staff

For the effective running of the academy.

Asset 38

Steps to Become a BII Franchise

  • Asset 28 Complete franchise application form.
  • Asset 29 Franchise application review & selection procedures.
  • Asset 30 Franchise agreement & pay franchise fees.
  • Asset 31 Obtain franchise centre registration certificate.
  • Asset 32 Attend training programmes & receive centre name plate, resource pack, E-portal services, web-links.
  • Asset 33 Marketing, Promoting & Preparations for franchise opening.
  • Asset 34 Official Opening, start the centre and begin registering students.
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